Complete Intuit Online Payroll Review

Intuit Payroll is an Online Payroll service, dedicated to help manage your payrolls as well as save much needed time. The program creates accurate tax calculations and you can create paychecks within minutes. The over-all experience I had with Intuit Payroll was in one word, amazing. I started off with the introductory offer, which gave me my first 30 days free of cost. The next two months will be a very cheap $9.99 for what it’s worth. The service was great and when they say they calculate your paychecks immediately, they are not lying. I had the option to pay the employees with their free direct deposit and it was amazing. As a small business owner, I was able to manage my payroll and pay my employees quickly through direct deposit, thanks to Intuit Payroll. The experience was not only fast, but it was very easy on me and on my employees as well.


With the technology there is today, I need a quick and easy way to manage my payroll. Intuit Payroll was there the entire time for me if I had any questions or problems. It was easy for me because I could even manage my payroll and make direct deposits with my phone while I was out to eat at a restaurant. I felt as if I was in control throughout the entire first month of trying out this product. So, if you are a person that rather keep everything simple and fast, you can pay via direct deposit on Intuit Payroll. If you are a person who would rather print out a check stub, you can do it with this program as well. Not only do they keep track of your payroll taxes, but they remind you when those taxes are due also.

You will not need previous experience with Online Payroll Management to get started. In fact, you can get started within minutes with Intuit Payroll. It doesn’t take long to sign up and the installation process is quick as well. Instead of spending hours a day, keeping track of your company’s payroll, you can simply keep track of it online within minutes using this program. The time it saves you is incredible and you will be thankful later when you have the time to go out and do stuff, rather than sitting at your desk completing and recording your company’s payroll information. Many businesses are making the switch to Intuit because the time it saves them and how easy it is to not only set up, but run at the same time.

First Glimpse

When I first started with Intuit Payroll, I was a bit skeptical I will admit. However, that quickly changed when I actually got into things. It was confusing for me at first, because I was still pretty new to Online Payroll, but because of the simplicity and support from them, I felt that I became quite the expert within a matter of days. The support staff from Intuit Payroll can guide anyone that is new to Online Payroll or other things that are related to Online Payroll, just like they helped me. Also, if you are new to Online Payroll, you can check out the Payroll 101 section that they provide to help get started. It has many different topics throughout the Payroll 101 section that can help you, whether you are a new business owner or if you are new to reviewing your taxes online.

Being a new customer and new to Online Payroll, I read through the Payroll 101 section and learned a great amount of information in less than an hour. It shows you advantages and disadvantages with Payroll Management and you can break down how you want to manage your payroll. It also breaks down how to hire your first employee and shows some risks you can try and avoid when hiring employees in the future. The Payroll 101 section is a must if you are trying to either learn more about being a business owner or if you are new to being a business owner. I would highly recommend checking that out before you get started with Intuit Payroll. The whole section was just beneficial in every way you can imagine and I finished reading it with quite a bit of knowledge.


As I said before, the whole process was extremely easy for someone like me, who is new to Online Payroll. Previously, I was not aware at the dangers and risks of hiring an Accountant and I was not aware of Intuit Payroll. Everything was simple to use and manage. I could quickly manage my payroll as well as pay my employees within seconds through the direct deposit. Whenever I had a question or problem, I would simply contact support and they would respond quickly with whatever answer I needed. Support was great for me at all times. There are many payment solutions that you can use and when you process debit or credit card fees, it is simple and very fast like everything else. You can add on to your normal software and upgrade for an even better service to further advance your Payroll Management. These upgrades are cheap and worth the price if the upgrade is what you need. They can save more time and effort.

When paying someone, it takes literally three steps with Intuit. There is nothing else you need to do, other than the three steps to pay someone. The easiest way, in my opinion is just to have your employees paid directly through the direct deposit, rather than by check. You can choose however you want to pay them though. Online Payroll was convenient to me because I did not have the personnel to process the payroll to my employees. You do not need any training to use an Online Payroll method, like Intuit, which makes this program that much better. The software will cut your payroll processing time dramatically with the enhanced technology they have to offer.

When you are ready to get started, you need to put down the information for your employees so the software can calculate the information. This makes it incredibly easy on both the employer and the employee. The software will keep record of every change you make so you can access these reports later if you need to. If you ever need to check the previous reports, it is simple to do so. You can specify which report you would like to see as well. Much of the information displayed in these reports may be confusing for the average business owner, however there are additional features that will allow for easier understanding of your reports. This makes it easier for the newer users who may not understand a lot of the terms and information that the reports portray.

Final Verdict

In the end, I was extremely happy with what I received from Intuit Payroll. Everything was made easy for newer users, yet it is still a great program to use if you are more experienced. You may not understand Payroll Management right now, but after just a few days from Intuit and reading their information, you will feel like you have been doing this for years. If you are ever stuck on something or have any question, support is there for you and they will assist you with anything you may need. Everything you will need in Payroll Management is given to you with Intuit.

The simplicity of the software will make me use this forever. When I say that it is incredibly easy, I am not lying. Like I said already, I started knowing very little about Payroll Management and Online Payroll, but after reading the information the site gave me, as well as receiving some hands on experience, I felt like a professional business owner. My employees were just as pleased as I was, because they received their money quickly through the direct deposit function. Every business owner should be using Payroll Management online, because it will save you a ton of time, even though it costs a small fee. Your time is a lot more valuable than a few bucks a month.

The technology of the software, along with the help and support you will receive from the support staff makes this program amazing. You will not be unhappy with the results, because you will save time and effort throughout the process. You and your employees will be satisfied and you can go about your day, because you won’t be recording and making all the changes yourself. Many people have been switching to an Online Payroll Management site over the recent years, because of how simple and cost effective they have become. Every minute you save is important because your time is important, so switching to Intuit Payroll will help will help with saving time. Intuit Payroll is convenient in every aspect for all business owners and that is why I would highly recommend trying it out.Search